Senior Symposium (CHEM490)

The Chemistry Senior Seminar combines activities currently in the Chemistry senior program and two practicum experiences with the goal of preparing senior majors to present a public seminar covering their Senior Integrated Project and to present themselves professionally as they move into chosen professions. The Chemistry discipline relies heavily on both written and verbal communication skills to disseminate scientific information, and as such, practitioners must be able to articulate concise and scientifically accurate descriptions of their work. This course utilizes a series of seminars by guest chemistry professionals, on-campus resources, practical applications, and peer workshops to develop oral and written presentation skills. This course is for Seniors only.

Symposium Schedule

Fall 2021

Monday, September 27, 2:45 PM: Seminar speaker Dr. Suzanne Bart, Purdue University. Making, Breaking, and Elucidating Uranium-Nitrogen Multiple Bonds

Monday, October 4, 2:45 PM: Seminar speaker Dr. Christine Chow, Wayne State University. In Vivo Expression of Ribosome-Targeting Peptide Antibiotics